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Chronicles of Existential Dread

Prequel: Mid-Mountain Snow & Airing of Grievances
Prequel: New Year’s Sardonicism
Initial Tirade
Volume II
Volume III: Luck
Volume IV: Moral Culpability of Chance
Episode IV. Stereotypical Delusions (Clearly I can’t count nor keep the nomenclature straight)
Tangent: Demystifying the Upper Atmosphere 
Volume V: Pissing in the Fountain of Youth
Volume VI: Antisocial Media
Volume VII: Spectrum of Known & Unknown vs Spectrum of Lies
Volume VIII: The Witch Trial, a Celebration of Human Stupidity
Episode IX: Country of Origin (Here we go with the nomenclature thing again)
Volume X: Depth versus Distance
Volume XI: “Touching Heaven With One’s Hand”
Volume XII: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dopamine

Larch Tree Instances

French Pyrenees
Swiss Alps
New York & Pennsylvania – Autumn
Pennsylvania – Spring

Summer Snow

Select Flights

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Wyoming to Glacier National Park: Post #1, Post #2

Emergency Landing in Yellowstone

Shipping the Airplane to Germany: Post #1, Post #2, Post #3

Germany to the Netherlands

Germany to Spain: Post #1, Post #2

Flight During Catalunya’s Declaration of Independence

Spain to Portugal: Post #1, Post #2