Podcast Interview: The Not So Straight and Level Podcast

I have had two people suggest that I launch a podcast and, so far, I have resisted such overtures of power, riches, and glory. When I listened to a number of episodes on Steve Johnson’s new podcast (from Supercub.org), The Not So Straight and Level Podcast, I decided this was the one where I would make my auditory debut, as he has a fairly straightforward way of celebrating the day-to-day honesty and fun of flying Cubs and Super Cubs. The episode is 90 minutes of my flying story, including tidbits from my youth with my grandfather as an influence, and a condensed version of the last five years of [I am at a lost for adjectives] international adventures with the PA-11. The podcast can be found here.

In interacting with people, I find that many, including some who know me very well, are not aware of other things I am up to on the site and elsewhere. For those that do not know, I blog monthly for AOPA. A history of my posts is under the Writings tab on the site, and here is a link to my recent coronavirus themed post: An Overdue Rant. To further complement hours of pleasure consuming my output while stuck at home during a pandemic, my first book was an “economics thriller” and that, somehow, led to an orgy of aerial photo books (I am not sure there is an explanation). Nonetheless, I have been inspired by the economic carnage caused by coronavirus such that I wrote a five article series revisiting one of my more significant articles in 2013, where I posited a notion of economic apocalypse. These articles are located under the Economics tab, at the top.