Flight: Germany, Netherlands: Tulips, the rest of the story….

For those of you who have read my AOPA blog post, this is “the rest of the story,” the pictorial representation of the flight that is ill suited for a formal presentation.

For those who haven’t read my AOPA post, I suggest it here. Cliff notes: I flew to the tulips in Holland, it was a long flight, and it cost a ton of money. Well, it was pretty, too.

Rheinhessen vineyards.
IMG_1603 (19 of 1878)

Rheinhessen farmland.
IMG_1610 (26 of 1878)

Windmill. There are lots of them in Germany, get used to it.
IMG_1618 (34 of 1878)

Rheinhessen giving way to Rhein valley (left to right slope).
IMG_1636 (52 of 1878)

Rheingau, a south-facing slope that dates back to the Romans. Yes, this wine “region” has a distinct name. In the US, this would be “the hill with the vineyards on it.” Rhein River to the left.
IMG_1668 (84 of 1878)

Some enormous statue at the top of the Rheingau.
IMG_1681 (97 of 1878)

Rhein River.
IMG_1700 (116 of 1878)

Medieval castle, with a gravel pit next to it.
IMG_1706 (122 of 1878)

Interesting choice of village layout.
IMG_1718 (134 of 1878)

I wonder if this castle is “on the wrong side of the tracks.”
IMG_1724 (140 of 1878)

Canola fields.
IMG_1755 (171 of 1878)

Some villages are on the hill, some are in the valley.
IMG_1760 (176 of 1878)

New money (windmills on the horizon), old money (castle). Peasants in between. American tourists pass by on the river in the middle.
IMG_1793 (209 of 1878)

Ah, Germany! Glorious rolling hills with distribution centers. It is jarring how they manage to have both co-exist so precisely. 
IMG_1835 (251 of 1878)

Adult legos, again.
IMG_1870 (286 of 1878)
IMG_1943 (359 of 1878)

Post-apocalyptic scene: pretty countryside with monolithic power plant belching out fumes.
IMG_1961 (377 of 1878)

And where they get the coal from. Only Germans would pillage the environment in an organized manner. American strip mining is not so neat from the air. Then again, we in North America don’t give a crap about future generations.
IMG_2003 (419 of 1878)

Nursery operations. 
IMG_2043 (459 of 1878)

Someone has taken up quilting on their farm. I am not sure which country to blame this on, as I was flying straight and the border of the Netherlands and Germany weaseled like a snake. My gut is leaning toward declaring this a German act.
IMG_2060 (476 of 1878)

Levee on the Waal River, Netherlands. The “Waal” is the Dutch name for the Rhein. We don’t have this problem of renaming rivers in North America, because they stay in the same country, or we just keep the same name when they cross borders.
IMG_2085 (501 of 1878)

Waal River
IMG_2094 (510 of 1878)

Adventures in Dutch housing
IMG_2103 (519 of 1878)

Massive interchange.  I don’t know why I find it so interesting.
IMG_2118 (534 of 1878)

Notice the parking lot for the pentagram building. All bikes, no cars.
IMG_2137 (553 of 1878)

At or below sea level.
IMG_2174 (590 of 1878)

Wind mills, newer models.
IMG_2205 (621 of 1878)

Radio tower complex.
IMG_2358 (774 of 1878)

Tulips. You’ll have to buy the book to get the rest. This is a commercial tulip farm.
IMG_2561 (977 of 1878)

Crossing the Markenmeer.
IMG_2580 (996 of 1878)
IMG_2604 (1020 of 1878)

North Sea!
IMG_2970 (1386 of 1878)

Windmill, older model.
IMG_2984 (1400 of 1878)

Dutch living. 
IMG_3026 (1442 of 1878)
IMG_3037 (1453 of 1878)

Tall cylindrical object.
IMG_3104 (1520 of 1878)

Adventures in German housing.
IMG_3200 (1616 of 1878)

Either they built the German playground on top of crop circles, or made them in the shape of crop circles intentionally.
IMG_3206 (1622 of 1878)

Tall cylindrical object valuable enough to remodel. Germany, America, and Holland have an inexplicable fetish with these devices. Tall cylindrical towers with no obvious function.
IMG_3218 (1634 of 1878)

Rolling hills NW of Frankfurt.
IMG_3317 (1733 of 1878)
IMG_3326 (1742 of 1878)