Flight: WY: First Snow

If autumn is magical, then the first snow is a downright spiritual experience. Ironically, the two have a way of mixing in the West, as first summit snows generally come roughly around the peak of autumn color.

Snow fell last week at 8,500’ elevation, while dousing the rest of us with a rather cold rain. The Star Valley of Wyoming (including here) received almost 3” of rain in a few days, which is quite a contrast to our dry and smoky August. That, and we received 1/7th of our average annual precipitation in 3 days.

Naturally, I had to take the plane up and scope it out. The weather system was in between fronts (more snow came the next day), so it was cloudy with clouds forming over the summits. I still gave it a shot and it worked out better than expected.

I know you’re in there……
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Still trying to hide?? (Ferry Peak)
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Salt River Range…. finally outsmarted the weather.
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Note fall colors at bottom.
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More Salt River Range.
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Middle Star Valley with snow exposed on summits of Salt River Range. Winter on top, fall in the foothills, summer in the valley. This is typical Rockies.
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