Flight: Spain: Puigmal Range at Sunset

One of the advantages of being near the airport is the ability to run over and chase weather, color, texture, and lighting. Forget big ticket things, sometimes it’s the small stuff that’s cool.

I decided to fly up to the ridge about 7,500 feet above sea level, 4000 feet above the runway, which is behind the house, and had a cap cloud hanging out over it. Winds from Barcelona were blowing up to the ridge, cresting, forming clouds, and blowing down, with the clouds dissipating right over the ridge. I can’t say that I have ever been able to photograph something precisely like this from the air, and it was a classically pleasant sunset excursion.

La Massena to the left, little cap cloud in the center. We live on the center left edge of the image.

This cloud is in constant motion, coming up from the other side, descending on this side.

Note the avalanche path in the right third of the image.
img_1572-80-of-180 img_1575-83-of-180 img_1606-114-of-180

La Massena with sunset light.
img_1637-145-of-180 img_1641-149-of-180

Note the cap cloud on the other mountain range on the horizon. Barcelona is about 75 miles in this direction, obscured by Mediterranean moisture and Saharan dust haze.