Flight: Spain, France: Mediterranean Coast, Pic d’Canigou

Narration for this flight is provided on my monthly AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) blog post, though in keeping with tradition, I am including a large amount of photos not tendered on the AOPA post.

Additionally, I skipped a few weeks ahead with this post, as I had entered into a period of flying repeatedly in the local area, capturing relatively amazing photography of Cadí-Moixeró and Pedraforca over and over again in the winter, with varying cloud formations. While interesting, it is a bit repetitive AND… I decided that capitalism and book sales can shove it. I am so madly in love with Cadí-Moixeró that I am going to do an entire book of photography on the park, even if nobody buys a book. The last time I said that, the book in question was one of my better sellers for that season, so I give up on that front. Readership can be a collective fickle mistress.

La Masella – I was tempted to ski down this valley last month (out of bounds) and decided against it.

This clump of rock stands between me and Barcelona Approach.

Foothill of Serra Cavallera

Serra Cavallera.

Haze far worse than expected based on observations.
IMG_0122-Edit IMG_0129

Rocks below are the border. France on the other side. Pic d’Canigou with snow on it.

Some sort of old military installation at the border.

Geologic terminus of the Pyrenees at the Mediterranean. Haze is actually a precursor to a Saharan dust storm.
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France left, Spain right.
IMG_0468-Edit IMG_0489

IMG_0517 IMG_0548

Banyuls sur Mer, France

Port Vendres, France. I was wondering what on earth a train terminal was doing here, until I found out its a deep water freight and cruise port.
IMG_0610 IMG_0617 IMG_0653

Pic d’Canigou, from the Mediterranean.

Platja Grifeu, Spain

Punta Blanca

Looking back the other way.

Same place, with Pic d’Canigou. France, Spain, the Mediterranean and snow-capped Pyrenees….all in one image!
IMG_0906-Edit IMG_0951 IMG_0983

The last time I kayaked, my kayak sprung a leak and sank in the middle of a 40 F (4 C) lake.
IMG_0984 IMG_0988

Underwater textures.

Near Cadaques.
IMG_1029 IMG_1079

Near Roses, Spain

Old military installation near Roses, Spain. I am beginning to think the star pattern is not for looks….
IMG_1157-Edit IMG_1193

An interesting take on haze in Catalunya.

Pic d’Canigou, France.
IMG_1307 IMG_1319 IMG_1391

French Pyrenees
IMG_1503 IMG_1579 IMG_1589 IMG_1723 IMG_1959

Spain is technically the foreground.