Flight: ID: Dive Bombing the Swan Valley

This flight was taken in mid October. That would be obvious, because it was -5F this morning here in Alpine, with lake effect clouds (more on that another day when I am no longer getting asphyxiated by too many photos).

Autumn, in its partially glorious splendor, was winding down at the higher peaks, though it was making a partial show in various areas, particularly the Teton Valley in Idaho. So, again, I set off in a quest to see what I could find.

Colors were pretty, though not dense enough for my liking. To make matters worse, I discovered my camera flashing that it could not get enough light for a shot. Looking at the settings, I had somehow shoved it to shutter priority mode, with the shutter speed set at 1/1250. That meant that the first 10 minutes of my flight were going to be too dark. [Insert curse word du jour here]

Cursing then behind me, I wandered around the valley, which is basically the confluence point of the Big Hole, Snake, and Teton mountain ranges, with a virtually flat basin at the bottom. The color was sufficient, though nothing award winning.

I had wanted to get some shots of color along the Snake River Range in the Idaho Swan Valley. Again, the color was just not dense enough. On the other hand, one of my favorite sections of farm fields to photograph had an illustrious sex appeal heretofore not experienced: why not dive-bomb the hell out of it?

For those that think that airplanes need to stay a certain height above the ground, now is the part where I tell you that airplanes are only required to maintain a certain amount of clearance from structures, people, and vehicles. For most populated areas, that means 500 feet above the ground. For wide-open fields with nothing, then its World War II all over again, except with a camera (for the record, the military designation for my airplane is the L-18B). I think that my field photography is a little better higher up, though that does not come with the fun of having to look out for power lines, birds, combine-operating farmers, and the occasional tree or hill.

Snake River Range, right after fixing the shutter speed issue. Color is not dense.
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Teton Valley, Idaho
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Teton Range foothills over looking the Teton Valley give way to the Snake River Plain in Idaho
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Slight improvement in color in the Swan Valley. Perhaps I should just buzz the crap out of the place instead.
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Buzzing the crap out of the place…..
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US Highway 26 in Idaho through the Aspens. Note Alpine Airpark runway in the top center of the image.
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