Flight: Clouds & Mountain Peaks

While it may seem like I am beating a dead horse, the whole morning clouds and fog thing has proven to be well beyond my expectations. Much like the winter we spent at the coast, the ocean and the beach is technically the same thing, though every day one looks at it, it is doing something different than before. We had a good soaking rain on Sunday, and this was the morning residual moisture afterward. With the convergence of four mountain ranges (Snake River Range, Salt River Range, Caribou Range, Wyoming Range) and three major rivers (Salt, Greys, Snake), we’re kind of in an epicenter of weather activity, and the same sky and peaks do some pretty wild things hour after hour.

Now that moving and tax season is settling down, I’ll venture outside my comfort zone a bit and get adventurous in the coming weeks, going much farther distances (kind of ironic that I consider all these clouds and peaks as not adventurous).

Note the images at the bottom of the sequence. I went up again this evening, and all of the moisture was gone, resulting in a typical Rockies day.

Caribou Range, ID – Recent Favorite spot to hide in the woods and work on books
Flight 1

Caribou Range, ID (Left), Snake River Range, WY (Distance)
Flight 2

Salt River, Star Valley, WY
Flight 3

Alpine WY, with Snake River Range
Flight 4

Snake River Range with Grand Teton on Horizon
Flight 5

Salt River Range
Flight 6 Flight 7

Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Hole
Flight 8

Snake River Range
Flight 9

NE side of Ferry Peak (I stare at the SW side all day from the ground)
Flight 10

Ferry Peak
Flight 11

Palisade Reservoir, Star Valley (same day during the dry evening)
Flight 12

Mountain SE of Alpine Town Center
Flight 13

Slopes of Bradley Mountain (Front), Slopes of Ferry Peak (Rear Left)
Flight 14