“Above the Summit” released on Kindle

Some years ago, I had this grand idea to sell e-books instead of printed books. The fantasy was that I could sell an e-book far cheaper than a printed book, and it would herald in a new era where photography books are not the scorned, unprofitable bastard children of the publishing industry; rather, they would be literary beacons of progress and hopefully piles of cash for me. That was all well and good until I rammed headlong into Kindle’s 50MB book size limitation coupled with the inane practice of Amazon charging authors data fees based on book size. My economics manifesto, The Human Theory of Everything, costs 2 cents per book in data fees. A 50MB book would swallow the entirety of the book price.

Thus, I forgot about the whole thing and went the bastard child route: printed books. That was until I stumbled across a quiet update to Kindle’s practices: a new file limit of 650MB!

After months of wrangling with Kindle’s file format and Amazon’s very, very confused review folks, I finally got a Kindle version of “Above the Summit: An Antique Airplane Conquers Colorado’s Fourteeners” together. It is available on Amazon.com for $11. For subscribers of Kindle Unlimited, the e-book is free. The printed edition is still available at $28.

Small Cover - Above the Summit