Flight: NC Outer Banks: Hatteras to Manteo

After our week on Ocracoke, it was time to head back up to the northern OBX. Stopping at Hatteras to get the airplane, I took off into overcast skies, taking what I was certain would be a perfunctory flight, as the colors were quite gray, light diffused, and nothing of any significance standing out from the air. Halfway back to Dare County Regional Airport, I caught up to my wife driving the truck on NC 12, did a few circles, and pressed on.

I was hoping Oregon Inlet had some illustrious colors to make up for the photogenic misery. It did not. Instead of a Caribbean tone like when I flew down, it was a brownish green; a product likely of fresh and brackish water bringing soil nutrients from the Albemarle Sound down through Roanoke Sound. With the stormy weather out of the south that would have driven water up into the sounds, the relaxation of it would draw river water down, making it unappealing. Falling back on the local pilot’s advice, about Oregon Inlet getting pretty three days after a northeast wind, let me realize that Oregon Inlet needs the opposite to occur than what did this week, wind pushing the water levels down by blowing sound water to sea, and having southern, clearer water come up from the Pamlico Sound and back into the fresher water areas after the NE wind quits.

Nonetheless, I did find some interesting color contrasts that stood out in the marshes on the west side of Bodie Island, between Oregon Inlet and Nags Head. Rarely is a flight totally worthless from a photography standpoint. This caps 8 straight days of flying, doubling my record.

1-Bodie Island Marsh 2-Bodie Island Marsh
Bodie Island Marshes
3-Bodie Island Lighthouse
Bodie Island Lighthouse
4-Roanoke Sound Brackish Water 5-Bodie Island Marsh 6-Bodie Island Marsh
Bodie Island Marshes