Flight: NC OBX to Charlotte

I had the unfortunate task of driving to Charlotte in January, for work. It took a nauseating 7 and a half hours, and I vowed that the next time, I will fly. Thus, the flight was from Manteo to Charlotte, and I decided to head down the OBX and inland, taking an hour side jaunt to make it interesting.

I can’t put to words how stunning the OBX was from the air. Water was clear on the sound and ocean sides, air was clear, and the sun was bright. Colors were clear and crisp, and the inlets and capes were incredible. Given the amount of photos, all of which are worth perusing, I’ll let them speak for themselves.

IMG_9397 (3 of 1121)
US 64 Bridge to Bodie Island at Nags Head
IMG_9481 (87 of 1121)
Oregon Inlet
IMG_9489 (95 of 1121)
Oregon Inlet
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Oregon Inlet
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Oregon Inlet
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Brackish Water Mixing with Pamlico Sound, Pea Island
IMG_9576 (182 of 1121)
Pea Island Bridge
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Classic OBX – Atlantic Ocean, NC 12, Pamlico Sound
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Just north of “Canadian Hole”
IMG_9740 (346 of 1121)
Cape Hatteras
IMG_9746 (352 of 1121)
Cape Hatteras with ocean currents
IMG_9778 (384 of 1121)
South Side of Hatteras Island
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Tidal Flows – Hatteras Inlet, Hatteras Island in Background
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Tidal Flows – Hatteras Inlet, Hatteras Island in Background
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Ocracoke Island, Pamlico Sound

IMG_0014 (619 of 1121)
Pamlico Sound, just north of Ocracoke village
IMG_0024 (629 of 1121)
NE side of Ocracoke, NC
IMG_0029 (634 of 1121)
Ocracoke, NC – Looking NW
IMG_0058 (663 of 1121)
Ocracoke Inlet
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New Drum Inlet, Marsh Side
IMG_0157 (762 of 1121)
Ophelia Inlet
IMG_0199 (804 of 1121)
Ophelia Inlet

IMG_0228 (833 of 1121)
Ophelia Inlet

IMG_0244 (849 of 1121)
Ophelia Inlet, Tidal Flows
IMG_0260 (865 of 1121)
Ophelia Inlet, Tidal Flows
IMG_0309 (914 of 1121)
Back Sound, Shackleford Banks
IMG_0358 (963 of 1121)
Cape Lookout, Looking out into the Atlantic
IMG_0380 (985 of 1121)
Cape Lookout, Looking toward land
IMG_0434 (1039 of 1121)
Back side of Cape Lookout
IMG_0449 (1054 of 1121)
Back Sound, Looking NE Along Cape Lookout National Seashore
IMG_0462 (1067 of 1121)
Shore of Shackleford Banks
IMG_0507 (1112 of 1121)
Farm Fields in Eastern NC
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