Winds of Change: An Aerial Tour of Rocky Mountain Forests


When Mr. Fisher first visited the Colorado Rockies in 2005, it was a verdant land of lush mountain forests. By the time he got around to moving there in 2013, sections of the place had turned into a veritable wasteland, with much of the forests having been obliterated by, of all things, a tiny beetle. Surprised but undeterred, an adventure began in an antique airplane that would later involve living near Yellowstone in Wyoming, wandering a good portion of the Intermountain West at mind-numbingly slow speeds and relatively low to the ground, camera in one hand, and aircraft controls in the other. While chasing down a long list of Western scenery, a collection of expansive photographs accumulated of Rocky Mountain forests from the Canadian border to Southern Colorado. Scenery varied from forests in complete health, total devastation, and everything in between, with the entire experience as majestic as one might expect. Containing 155 aerial images, Winds of Change is an exhibition of natural Western scenery that includes national parks, mountain ranges, wilderness areas, and national forests and is an education on the nature of our treasured public lands in the West, in both their distress and vibrant health.

96 pages.
Full color interior, cover, and back.
155 images.
8.5 inches x 11 inches.

Sample Images:

Beetlekill, Gore Range, CO

Healthy Forest, Grand Teton NP, WY

Forest Fire, Teton Range, WY

Selective Beetlekill, Rabbit Ears Pass, CO

Wyoming Range, WY

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, WY