Mountain Texture: Glaciers of the Alps

The author’s 4th aerial texture book and 23rd book overall, ‘Mountain Texture’ is a comprehensive gallery of aerial images taken of glaciers found in Switzerland, France, and Italy. Utilizing a light antique airplane from the WWII era, images of these majestic glaciers show patterns, textures, and details of massive formations of ice, from the intimate perspective of an aircraft flying slowly above. While the glaciers themselves are in the process of recession and extinction, they remain literal rivers of ice that carve immense alpine topography. In their natural cycles of movement, they present themselves as unique and ever-changing works of art, difficult to appreciate through ordinary means on the ground or from satellites above. Containing 167 aerial images, ‘Mountain Texture’ presents virtually unrepeatable views of countless glaciers of the Alps, whether from the perspective closely above, annual flows in ice, or the effects of climate change.

80 pages.
Full color interior, cover, and back.
167 images.
8.5 inches x 11 inches.

Sample Images:



Glacier de Corbassière