Index of Photographs in the Book

“Compass direction” on the right denotes which direction the photograph is facing. “Placement in Photo” is where to find the relevant peak on the photo, as some of the photographs have multiple 14ers in them. Multiple designations means that the peak in question appears in multiple photos.

Mountain Range Elevation Rank Compass Direction, Placement In Photo
Capitol Peak Elk Mountains 14,130’ 31 W-Rear Right, NW-Rear, N, NE
Castle Peak Elk Mountains 14,265’ 12 S-Center, SE-Rear, SE-Distant
Conundrum Peak Elk Mountains 14,060’ 40 S-Right, SE-Front, SE-Distant
Maroon Peak Elk Mountains 14,156’ 26 SW-Rear, W-Front Left, S-Right, SW-Left
North Maroon Peak Elk Mountains 14,014’ 55 SW-Rear, W-Front Right, S-Right, SW-Right
Pyramid Peak Elk Mountains 14,018’ 51 SW-Left Front, S-Left
Snowmass Mountain Elk Mountains 14,092’ 33 W-Rear Left, NW-Front
Grays Peak Front Range 14,270’ 9 E-Right
Longs Peak Front Range 14,255’ 15 E-Right
Mt. Bierstadt Front Range 14,060’ 41 E-Right, E-Right, W-Background
Mt. Evans Front Range 14,264’ 14 E-Left, E-Left, W-Summit, N-Summit
Pikes Peak Front Range 14,110’ 32 SE
Torreys Peak Front Range 14,267’ 11 E-Left
Mt. Bross Mosquito Range 14,172’ 23 NW
Mt. Cameron Mosquito Range 14,238’ 17 SE-Background
Mt. Democrat Mosquito Range 14,148’ 30 SE, SE-Right
Mt. Lincoln Mosquito Range 14,286’ 8 SE-Left
Mt. Sherman Mosquito Range 14,036’ 49 S
Quandary Peak Mosquito Range 14,265’ 13 NW-Background, N, SW, SW, SE
El Diente Peak San Juan Mountains 14,159’ 25 SSE-Center Rear, SE-Center Rear
Handies Peak San Juan Mountains 14,048’ 43 S-Rear Center Left, SE
Mt. Eolus San Juan Mountains 14,083’ 34 E-Right, E-Center Right
Mt. Sneffels San Juan Mountains 14,150’ 29 N, N, NE
Mt. Wilson San Juan Mountains 14,246’ 16 SSE-Left, SE-Left Rear
North Eolus San Juan Mountains 14,039’ 47 E-Right, E-Center Left
Redcloud Peak San Juan Mountains 14,034’ 50 NE-Rear Center Left
San Luis Peak Peak San Juan Mountains 14,014’ 54 NE-Left Rear
Sunlight Peak San Juan Mountains 14,059’ 42 E-Rear, E-Rear Left
Sunshine Peak San Juan Mountains 14,001’ 58 NE-Rear Center Right
Uncompahgre Peak San Juan Mountains 14,309’ 6 SW-Center, S
Wetterhorn Peak San Juan Mountains 14,015’ 53 SW-Center Rear, S, S
Wilson Peak San Juan Mountains 14,017’ 52 SSE-Center, SE-Front, S-Distant
Windom Peak San Juan Mountains 14,082’ 35 E-Rear, E-Rear Center
Blanca Peak Sangre de Cristo 14,345’ 4 SE-Rear Right, SE-Ctr Rear, NE-Ctr, NW-Ctr
Challenger Point Sangre de Cristo 14,081’ 36 E-Left, SE-Distant
Crestone Needle Sangre de Cristo 14,197’ 19 E-Center Rear, E-Center Left, ESE-Distant
Crestone Peak Sangre de Cristo 14,294’ 7 E-Center Rear, E-Center Right, ESE-Distant
Culebra Peak Sangre de Cristo 14,047’ 44 E, SE
Ellingwood Point Sangre de Cristo 14,042’ 46 SE-Ctr, SE-Ctr Rear, NE-Ctr Left, NW-Rear Right
Humboldt Peak Sangre de Cristo 14,064’ 39 E-Left Rear, E-Left Rear, ESE-Distant
Kit Carson Peak Sangre de Cristo 14,165’ 24 E-Center, ESE-Distant
Little Bear Peak Sangre de Cristo 14,037’ 48 SE-Right Rear, NE-Front, NW-Left
Mt. Lindsey Sangre de Cristo 14,042’ 45 SE-Rear Left, SE-Rear Left, NE-Center Rear
Huron Peak Sawatch Range 14,003’ 57 NW
La Plata Peak Sawatch Range 14,336’ 5 S, SW
Missouri Mountain Sawatch Range 14,067’ 38 SW-Rear
Mt. Antero Sawatch Range 14,269’ 10 S, S
Mt. Belford Sawatch Range 14,197’ 21 SE-Right, SW-Center
Mt. Columbia Sawatch Range 14,073’ 37 E, NW-Front, SSW
Mt. Elbert Sawatch Range 14,433’ 1 N, N, NW
Mt. Harvard Sawatch Range 14,420’ 3 SE-Rear, W, W, SSW, NW-Rear
Mt. Massive Sawatch Range 14,421’ 2 NE, NW
Mt. of the Holy Cross Sawatch Range 14,005’ 56 NW, NW
Mt. Oxford Sawatch Range 14,153’ 28 SE-Center, SW-Front
Mt. Princeton Sawatch Range 14,197’ 20 S-Rear, NW, E, SSW
Mt. Shavano Sawatch Range 14,229’ 18 SSW-Center Rear, 80-SSW-Center
Mt. Yale Sawatch Range 14,196’ 22 S
Tabeguache Peak Sawatch Range 14,155’ 27 SSW-Center Right, SSW-Front
Sangre de Cristo Range SE
Great Sand Dunes National Park SE