Glaciers of the Rockies


Driven by a love of glaciers and a need to see them before they disappear, Garrett Fisher piloted his 1949 antique airplane across the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, photographing remaining glaciers in the American Rockies. From Rocky Mountain National Park to the Wind River Range, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park, the Rockies contain a surprising number of glaciers tucked away in wilderness areas…that is, until they are gone. Scientists predict that many of these treasures will disappear not only in our lifetimes, but in the near future. A feat of aviation, Mr. Fisher gets up close and personal with glaciers glued to the sides of rocky summits, flying as high as 15,000 feet while getting buffeted by strong winds and extreme cold, all the while hoping the propeller would keep spinning, as many of these mountain ranges were in wilderness bear country. His airplane lacks heat, weighs less than 800 pounds, and produces 100 horsepower on a good day. Containing 177 aerial images, the book is organized by mountain range, with detailed maps identifying the location of each photograph. With images ranging from scenic landscapes to detailed zooms of glacial texture, the work appeals to hikers, scientists, or anyone who loves the great outdoors.

128 pages.
Full color interior, cover, and back.
177 images.
8.5 inches x 11 inches.

Interactive Map of Photograph Locations

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Sample Images:

Pumpelly Glacier, Glacier National Park

Dinwoody Glacier, Wind River Range WY

Wind River Range WY

Glacier National Park MT

Klondike Glacier, Wind River Range WY

Gannett Glacier, Wind River Range WY