Aerial Photo Featured in SDN Article on Colorado Snowpack

An aerial photo I took recently of the Collegiate Peaks was featured today in the Summit Daily in an article on above-average snowpack. The photo itself is of probably the most contiguous west-east orienting mountains in this part of the state. Stretching from well west of Aspen to Twin Lakes (south of Leadville), there is nothing but an endless sea of mountains. From a pilot’s perspective, they look like teeth ready to chew up and swallow unsuspecting airplanes that dare venture in there. For the worriers, I must note that behind me in the photo is a spacious and flat valley. In the event of engine failure (the one thing I can’t seem to forget about around here), I can easily glide to a flat field and land. Were I to venture into this lovely wilderness and same said paranoia of engine failure materialized, well, it would be a powdery, cold, and long outcome before it resolved itself. The article is here and the photo below.

Collegiate Range Looking Toward Aspen (1)