Flying Yellowstone


Ever since poring over photo books of national parks as a child, the author had a devotion to Yellowstone that one day was fulfilled for the first time when he flew over the park in his antique airplane. On a trip literally crossing most of the United States at a snail’s pace, the scene left its mark, and the next year, he was living an hour south of the park, next to an airport, where frequent trips were made to Yellowstone and surrounding areas. The companion to “Yellowstone’s Hot Springs: An Aviator’s Perspective,” the book contains 123 aerial photographs of mountains, rivers, hot springs, geysers, lakes, and scenic landscapes, accumulated over flights in multiple seasons, showing what the rest of Yellowstone looks like from the air.

86 pages.
Full color interior, cover, and back.
123 images.
8.5 inches x 11 inches.

Sample Images:

Castle Geyser

Madison River

Heart Lake

Sunset Lake and Rainbow Pool

Gibbon Falls

Absaroka Mountains