Flights: WY: Very Large Castle

Yes, there is a castle in Wyoming, a big castle. With features that remind me of German castle architecture, I got an email from Wyoming Lifestyle magazine about taking an aerial shot. Much to my chagrin, my zoom lens was out of service, so I had to do it with a wide-angle lens. With some improvised flying techniques, the job got done, and the photo landed in the magazine, which hit the stands recently. You can read the article about this crazy castle here (go to pages 8 & 9).

I took another flight when I got the zoom lens working and took a few more photos. These were done in the last 3 to 6 weeks, and I have held off posting out of deference for the images to make it into the magazine.

IMG_4713 (39 of 77) IMG_4724 (50 of 77) IMG_7421 (127 of 253) IMG_7431 (137 of 253) IMG_7464 (170 of 253)