Flight: UT, ID, WY: Great Salt Lake

Ok. Snow is fun. Its neat to see all of the mainstays of Wyoming flying: Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and the Star Valley, all clad in raiment bridal white, resplendently beautiful with crystalline skies and crisp scenery. In the case of a wedding, there is one bride, not a nonstop torrent of the same thing, as that would get old quick. Thus, I am deviating from my linear bean counter fed theology of writing all of my blog posts in the order that the flights were taken. This one is a few days after the ones that will be coming up in the short-term future.

I decided that I am finally going to do something with the practically unquantifiable amount of texture aerial photographs that I have. These are the close up shots of any number of interesting things all over the United States that are not farm fields. I am going to do another book, because I have enough stuff to do it. That being said, how can one do a texture book and not fly over the Great Salt Lake, especially when it is two hours away?

The flight was southwest to Brigham City, UT, over to the Salt Lake, down to the salt ponds, east to Ogden for fuel, and then almost straight northeast back to Alpine. The air was so clear, I could actually see Grand Teton from Utah. It was about 100 miles away.

This was a neat flight because it had beautiful farm country, mountains, the Salt Lake, and a bunch of other goodies, minus the feelings of death. It was like experiencing aviation all over again, the joy of flying a plane from point A to B, as a mode of travel, faster than a car, pretty, and without a metaphorical gun to one’s head. The incredible irony is how quickly I get bored with said forms of flying, gravitate to terrain that forces me to think about death, and then start whining that flying isn’t easy anymore.

One of many “hills” in Idaho – Camp Peak to be specific
IMG_1612 (18 of 1270)

Blackfoot Reservoir, ID
IMG_1635 (41 of 1270)

“China Hat” – Middle of nowhere, Idaho
IMG_1663 (69 of 1270)

Farm field textures – Idaho
IMG_1672 (78 of 1270) IMG_1719 (125 of 1270)

Somewhere near the UT/ID border
IMG_1738 (144 of 1270)

Somewhere in Utah
IMG_1751 (157 of 1270) IMG_1791 (197 of 1270)

Valley north of Logan, UT – note smog from Salt Lake City
IMG_1873 (279 of 1270)

North of Brigham City, UT
IMG_1948 (354 of 1270) IMG_1986 (392 of 1270)

Great Salt Lake
IMG_2067 (473 of 1270) IMG_2112 (518 of 1270) IMG_2146 (552 of 1270) IMG_2155 (561 of 1270) IMG_2188 (594 of 1270) IMG_2265 (671 of 1270) IMG_2273 (679 of 1270) IMG_2333 (739 of 1270) IMG_2359 (765 of 1270) IMG_2483 (889 of 1270)

North Ogden, UT
IMG_2502 (908 of 1270)

Salt Lake, again
IMG_2513 (919 of 1270)

Willard Peak, UT (9,764′)
IMG_2514 (920 of 1270) IMG_2567 (973 of 1270)

Mantua, UT
IMG_2587 (993 of 1270)

North of Mantua, UT
IMG_2595 (1001 of 1270)

Logan, UT
IMG_2604 (1010 of 1270)

Bear River Range, Utah
IMG_2619 (1025 of 1270) IMG_2632 (1038 of 1270)

Star Valley, WY
IMG_2791 (1197 of 1270)

Cow prints in snow – Star Valley, WY
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