Flight: ID: Caribou Mountain

Caribou Mountain is not to be confused with the fact that it is part of the Caribou Mountain Range. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I took notice of its existence on final approach on an Airbus A320 coming into Jackson Hole, using the mountain as a starting point to sort out the morass of mountainous terrain that surrounds this area. At shy of 10,000 feet elevation, still partially covered in snow, and standing alone, the mountain is anomalous. Being a whopping 20-minute flight from the airfield, I figured I should head over and check it out.

Interestingly, there are no Caribou in this range anymore. They used to live here a long time ago and all fled to Canada. Maybe they are on to something….

All photos taken in the Caribou Mountain Range

Big Elk Mountain (so much for getting started on the “Caribou” theme)
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Caribou Mountains, Palisade Reservoir, Snake River Range on other side of reservoir
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Caribou Mountains, looking north
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Caribou Mountain, looking west
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Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge (just west of Caribou Mountain)
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Western side of Caribou Mountain
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Caribou Mountain Foothills (yellow tinge on grass comes from wild Alpine Sunflowers)
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Bald Mountain, Big Elk Mountain in background
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